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The Recruitment and Personnel Selection Services

The Recruitment and Personnel Selection Services

Recruitment and Selection

Our working with prestigious companies has helped us, along the way, to create a database from which we can select our potential candidates, able to satisfy the most rigorous of our customers. This database is actualized on a daily basis.


Personnel recruitment

 We base our activity on the following guidelines:

  • Picking various recruitment sources;
  • Using a recruiting strategy and methodology according to the job description.


Personnel selection

It is realized depending on the job description and on the customer’s requests as well, based on a specific methodology. The levels of this process are:

  • Interviewing and testing the candidate(candidate evaluation)
  • Presenting the candidates
  • Negotiating the hiring conditions
  • Follow up to see the way the new employees are integrating in the new company.


 Along these Human Resources services we can also provide:

  • Insuring the activity regarding Work security and health
  • Insuring the activity regarding Emergency situations (PSI)


DAROM offers you a team of Human Resources specialists which will deal with multiple legal aspects involved with the recruitment process. Outsourcing these services towards our company we offer a great time and money economy for your company.

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