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Office Assisting and Internal Support Services

Office Assisting and Internal Support Services

Internal services that we offer:

Reception-office assisting is considered to be the manager’s interface with his staff and outside of the company people. The person handling this job is the first one to receive the information and deals with most of the company’s customers and providers. As we all know, no matter the size or field of activity its success depends mostly on the correctness of the decisions, and in the decisional process, along with knowledge, experience and intuition, a great level of importance is occupied by the information, therefore the office assistant has to treat it accordingly.

If this position isn’t filled with a capable person, and the one filling it isn’t correctly coached, or you just do not have the time to deal with their efficiency, we offer you the solution to having an efficient office assisting system, qualified and company adapted, no matter the size and activity field.


This service offers the following activities:

  • Front desk reception
  • Mail directing (internal and external mail)
  • Receiving calls and directing them
  • Hosting the visitors.


Internal mail: represents the receiving and transmitting of the mail, envelopes and packages towards the company’s departments by the secretaries who can do this along with the receptionists.

Call Center Service is the service focused on taking over and directing the calls towards the concerned departments in order to solve the problems. This services can be used to solve internal issues (Eg. The employees signaling various technical problems inside the company), but also external ones in order to enhance the company’s reputation and its relationship with the customers (public relations by phone).

And so, even when the economical market is reducing its volume, companies can find ways of developing their business and prospering by capitalizing their most important resource: their customers.

Customer oriented companies admit the importance of the call center both in the company’s processes, the organizational culture and in the used technology also.

So, the call center is an activity through which a company shows it cares, through the internal call center, about its employees, through the external one, about its customers, and through both of them, about its reputation and image. The external call center operator can become the company’s image in the eye of the customer, therefore the importance of having such a service is crucial.

DAROM offers an efficient, professional, customer service with trained staff, adapted to the needs of your company.

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