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Floor Maintenance Services

Floor Maintenance Services

Floor maintenance is a must if you want to keep an impeccable aspect of your building, therefore it is highly recommended to call specialists, familiar with different types of floors and methods used for cleaning each one. Unless the floor is properly maintained, it can lead to permanent damage.


Darom, Bucharest facility management firm, offers the professional solutions and services for washing, conditioning and maintaining any type of floors using delicate equipment and solutions - facility management and building administration.


Our operations include:

  • Hard wood floors reconditioning (scraping and varnishing);
  • Mechanical floor washing (sandstone, granite, marble, PVC);
  • Reconditioning by polishing and crystallization of the marble, granite and travertine surfaces;
  • Waxing the PVC surfaces.


What does each procedure means:


  • Crystallization - chemical procedure which gives a greater resistance to the surface it is applied on as well as a optimum luminosity;
  • Waxing – applying successive lairs of wax which insure medium resistance and facile maintenance, a great shine as well as a lively tonality to rough surfaces;
  • Skid preventing substances- prevents slipping;
  • Waterproofing substances- prevent liquid penetration and damaging the surfaces.


These services can be provided occasionally or periodically, depending on your needs or the type of surface.


We offer our experience to help you choose the right variant.

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