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Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Awarding the cleaning responsibility to a specialized company is a choice which will help you save time and money. The cleanliness of the environment you work in is very important both for your health and business, and your guests will appreciate the cleanliness of your company.


In a clean, pleasant environment, employees will have better results. Once decided on a common cleaning program, you will have a worry-free space where you can deploy your activity. We can adapt to any requests and needs coming from our customers, therefore the services can be provided both during working hours and after or before.


We are using professional methods, substances and detergents according to every surface. All of the substances and detergents meet the EU demands and are not harmful for humans or the environment.


Our recruitment process is very attentive, our staff is hired after presenting their record and medical analysis, and every team has a supervisor or a project manager in case  of daily cleaning services.


Our company can take over already existing staff in case this is a wanted solution when these services are externalized.


Daily cleaning operation sums up the following:

  • Carpet vacuuming with professional electrical equipment, stain removing
  • Floor dry sweeping (marble, granite, linoleum, sandstone) with antistatic broom(MOP) or wet sweeping with professional chemical detergents;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the electronic equipment(phone, fax,personal computers) with special substances;
  • Ashtray cleaning;
  • Windows and mirrors polishing with special sprays;
  • Air freshening in the offices with fresheners;
  • Dusting the furniture;
  • Collecting and removing waste bags and storing them in special spaces.


 For bathrooms:

  • Cleaning, disinfecting and perfuming the bathrooms;
  • Refilling the soap dispensers;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the sandstone and tiles at regular periods of time.


Periodical cleaning services offer you the following operations:

  • Floor maintenance by washing them with professional equipment and special detergents.
  • Waxed floor maintenance with metallic wax, using professional equipment;
  • Carpet maintenance and stain removing with disk professional equipment and special detergents;
  • Windows, sashes and windowsills washing using condensation preventing detergents.
  • Removing difficult stains, limestone, disinfecting and perfuming in the restrooms;
  • Removing dust, spider webs from difficult places;
  • Stainless steel surfaces maintenance(elevators, railings)
  • Washing exterior windows and windowsills using climbers.


Special services for special regime units(hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food industry).


Post construction services.


Cleaning services during events (exhibitions, auto shows)


Carpet washing services (dry washing and/or injecting-extracting) and other type of floors.

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