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Environmental Policy



Maintaining the Integrated Management Quality Environment System according to the reference standards SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and a permanent improvement of its functionality represent a permanent request in our promoted management politics.


By integrating the two management systems we want to realize an equilibrium between the quality of our services and protecting the environment.


Our company’s mission in to insure our customer’s full satisfaction by providing high quality services, in accordance with their requests, standards and legislation at a reasonable price, through a friendly, civilized collaboration, based on respect and trust and also respecting the environment and its natural resources.


The highest level management at SC DAROM IMPEX SRL is determined to insure conditions for:

Continuous improvement of the Management Quality Environment System;
Awareness, involvement and the commitment of the employees in order to implement environment and quality objectives;
Training the employees in order to fulfill their tasks and responsibilities;
Insuring a high performance level regarding service quality in order to satisfy customer requests.
Periodical politics regarding quality and environment analysis with the purpose of permanently enhancing it;
Applying according Romanian legislation.
A permanent performance improvement through:

         avoiding pollution and ecological accidents; 
         preserving the environment and natural resources; 
         respecting the right to a healthy life belonging to the local community and its own employees. 
         preventing soil, air and water pollution by reducing phonic pollution and taking optimum prevention methods; 
         correct and selective waste handling.


In order to insure a long term success rate of the company, we have to maintain and strengthen the relations established with our customers and with the interested parties, with the purpose of identifying their necessities and expectations, fulfilling them and offering better services which preserve the environment.


The responsibility of a continuous improvement of the Management Quality Environment System belongs to all of the employees, which will be guided throughout their activities by the principle “prevent not ascertain”, learning from previous mistakes in order to prevent similar future ones.