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About us

With 18 years of experience in its domain, Darom, an administrative services company, is a pioneer with a vision. Wanting to offer superior services in the administrative domain, it has become one of the most active companies on the administrative services market, widening its activity field in Bucharest, Cluj, and Sibiu.

We take pride on the fact that future objectives are not abandoned in the project stage, but they are finished, so that perseverance and ambition are our main qualities which recommend us to our customers.

We ignored the economical crisis and promised ourselves to help develop and mature the administrative services market, continuously improving our services and constantly adding new customers to our portfolio.

The future years mean to us continuing tradition through valuable services orientation. This is the direction in which we grew as a company in Romania and, for the future, we plan on extending in Brasov and Iasi too, in order for us to provide a better alternative to the offers already existing in these areas. We are focused on a permanent improvement of our services and finding new solutions which can support our customers.

In Darom, every employee is responsible for an ethical behavior, in every level. Acting with integrity is one of our principles based on a long history of implementing the highest professional standards. The principles and also ethics and conduct values are part of the rigorous commitment which our company undertakes in order to maintain our customer’s trust.

The General Manager’s message:

“Building TRUST is our business. I thank my colleagues, my partners, my collaborators, because each one of Darom’s achievements is gained through teamwork.”

David Andy Cosmin